“International Medical Service in Egypt.”

Alfa Laboratory Pathology Department

We would like to draw your attention to the use of special stains applied on paraffin tissue section if requested, and to highlight the benefits of. each stain in the accurate diagnosis of pathological abnormalities.

Masson trichrome with light green:
This special stain is recommended for connective tissue. e.g. a- To demonstrate staging of fibrosis in the liver in cases of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. b- To demonstrate fibrosis in the glomeruli and interestitium of the kidney in cases of renal biopsy

Periodic acid Schiff (P.A.S.):
It demonstrates glycogen & neutral mucopolysaccharides and outlines basement membrane particularly inrenal biopsy as well as detection of fungi

Pert’s Prussian blue method:
It shows reactive ferric iron in tissue sections, e.g. liver with haemo­chromatosis, haemosiderosis andbone marrow with iron overload.

Alcian blue stain:
For demonstration of acid mucopolysaccharide e.g.: undifferentiated carcinoma of glandular origin in GIT and mucoepidermoid tumour of salivary gland as well as detection of intestinal metaplasia inoesophagea1& gastric biopsies.

How to order:
Add to your request the item “Special staining is required” according to the type of tissues above.

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