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To ensure the integrity of your samples and to ensure getting accurate test results, please abide by these precautions and instructions for sample collection...


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You can get your test results out of here! If you do not have enough time to go to one of our branches to get your results of your test, so why not get them from here? All you need...


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We provide care through home visits and home delivery of the results if patients have been unable to visit our branches...

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Critical Values

Bilirubin, newborn >15 mg/dL
Blood Gases, Adult
<7.20 or >7.6
<20 or >70 mmHg
<40 >90mmHg
pO2(Now born) <35 or >90 mmHg



Medical Newsletters

Fertility & Ovarian Aging
Anti-Mullerian Hormone New Marker for Determination of Ovarian ReserveAnti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) also known as Müllerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS) is produced by the Sertoli cells of the testis in the male and by ovarian granulosa cells in the female in..


Test Menu

 A/G Ratio
Acetylcholine receptor antibodies
Acid Phosphatase (Prostatic)
Acid Phosphatase (Total)
 ACTH (am)
ACTH (pm)
ACTH Stimulation Test
 Actinomyces (BG

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For chronic illness
Diabetic screening (FBS-2hr PP)
Urea – creatnine (main kidney function )
Liver enzymes (main liver function tests) ..


Drivers Packages

For drivers 
Diabetic screening (FBS-2hr PP)
Drug Abuse screening

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