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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

isability in industrialized countries. The two major manifestations, atherosclerosis and venous thrombosis, are known to be caused by a complex interaction of multiple environmental and genetic factors. Although separate pathophysiological entities, the two disorders are interrelated and share common risk factors, including advanced age, obesity, dislipidemia and diabetes.

The pathological process leading to atherosclerosis is characterized by endothelia dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, inflammation and hypertension. Polymorphisms in genes involved in these processes in combination with an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. smoking, high-fat diet, physical inactivity) support thromboembolic events on disrupted atherosclerotic lesions in the vessel wall, the basic mechanism underlying myocardial infraction and ischemic stroke. Most gene variations contribute with minor effects, and the individual cardiovascular risk is related to a critical accumulation of detrimental polymorphisms acting in synergy with unfavourable environmental factors.

The CVD Strip Assay is based on the reverse hybrIdization procedures for the detection of 17 mutations and polymorphisms in 13 genes :

FV leiden [G1691A,R506Q],-  FV R2 [H1299R]
prothrombin G20210A
Factor XIII V34L
[PAI-1,serpin E1] 4G/5G
 EPCR 4600 A>G
Apo B R3500Q,  Apo E E2/E3/E4,  FGB -455G>A.

These gene mutations predispose to atherossclerosis and venous thromboembolism.

The CVD Strip Assay is now available at alfa Laboratories.
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