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Qualitative and quantitative detection of CMV

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) belongs to the Herpes virus family and infects more than 50% of the population worldwide. CMV infection is usually asymptomatic and often leads to undetected latent infection and re-infection. However, among immunocompromized patients such as AIDS, cancer patients and recipients of transplant organs, CMV infection is a significant cause of disease and mortality. Quantitative Real Time PCR is an important tool for a pre-emptive disease management strategy i.e. early diagnosis, choice of relevant treatment and continued monitoring for the presence of invasive infections in patients at risk of developing the disease.

Advantage over antibodies:

Has clinical specificity (100%) with no incidence of cross reactivity with other viruses like Adeno virus type2, EBV, HBV etc.
The assay shows analytical specificity as all the strains of CMV could be detected.
Quantitative detection is important for follow up and  evaluation of treatment.

Qualitative and quantitative detection of CMV using Real Time PCR is now available at Alfa Laboratories.
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