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Fibro Test and Acti Test

Liver cirrhosis is a major complication of chronic viral hepatitis. Liver biopsy was the only method for diagnosis of the degree of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. However, liver biopsy is invasive, prone to complications, including pain, hemorrhage and a high risk of sampling error. In addition to the inability to do it in patients having coagulation defects.

The Fibro Test and Acti Test are noninvasive biochemical markers of liver injury that are intended for use as alternatives to liver biopsy in patients with viral hepatitis. 

These markers combine five components (œ2-macroglobulin, haptoglobin, Apolipoprotein A1, y-glutamy1 transpeptidase (GGT), and total bilirubin) for Fibro Test and the same parameters plus alanine aminotransferase (ALT) for Acti Test.

When liver biopsy and biochemical markers are done simultaneously for the same patients and the results are discordant, biopsy failure is>7 time more common than diagnostic failure of markers.

The sample is a serum sample and the result is delivered within 3 days.


The Fibro Test and Acti Test are available in Alfa laboratories


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