“International Medical Service in Egypt.”

Fever of Unknown Origin



According to Patient Complaint

For bacterial microbes (urine exC\S – stool ex C\S- sputum ex C\S – Blood C\S – Quantiferon or bactiec for T.B. – Widal for Typhoid  )
For viral infection ( HAV IgM –CMV IgM-EBV IgM- HSV I\II IgM –HIV Ab)
For Parasitic infection (Ameoba Ab – Fasciola Ab – Rapid malaria test )
For immunological disorder (ANA- Anti DNA)
For tumors (PSA for males – CA15.3 for females in addition to CEA- CA19.9 – Calprotectin – occult blood in stool for both)
For Familial Mediterranean Fever  (Amyloid A – Dopamine ẞ hydroxylase -FMF gene)


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